Sexual Deviants, A Missing Ear, And The Mob: Confessions Of An Erotic Cake Baker

I used to go to a bakery over here in Queens… I would get my espresso and there was this guy who ran the bakery, so I made friends with him. His nickname was Papi Chulo and I would always look at his cakes and go, “What the hell is going on?”

He had seven penis cakes and vagina cakes out every week. He was like, “Oh, I live with some guy and he gives me these orders.” He was doing these cakes real cheap.

Time goes by and then the guy gets divorced from his wife and needs somewhere to live, so I suggested my basement. Anyway, I see his business is fine, but I want to make sure I got rent from him, so I built him a website to make sure I would get my $800 a month. So, I made this erotic-baking website — trust me, …