About Us

The mastermind behind waialuabakery.com is born and raised in Waialua, Hawaii. Michelle Iosua is a baker and bachelor party enthusiast who wants to spread nothing but good vibes and kinkiness to every adult party.

After graduating from culinary school in 2015, she immediately focused on baking to master her craft. To make a living while studying, she would offer to make cupcakes and brownies to her friends. She spent a lot of time perfecting her skills that she witnessed all her friends get married while she was busy building her empire. Of course, she took this opportunity to grow her business and offered to bake erotic cakes for every bachelor and bachelorette’s party. The rest was history.

She built this website to share her creations and some tips, and grew her followings because of her high-quality content. Today, waialuabakery.com is maintained by her team of writers, researchers and fellow bakers to deliver the same high-quality content for everyone’s inspiration.

Enjoy every post and make sure to follow us, and be inspired by our creations for your next wild and wet party, decorated by our erotic goods, only by waialuabakery.com.