Make your fantasy pet play a reality

If pet play sounds exciting to you, we have a couple of tricks to make your dream come true. Pet play is one of the most popular forms of BDSM, and you can practice it in so many different ways. If you have ever dreamed of becoming a kitty, now is a perfect time.

What is pet play?

Pet play is a form of BDSM most commonly practiced by couples. If this is the case, the dominant person will take the role of the owner, while their submissive partner will act as a pet. It is a type of power play, and it doesn’t even have to be sexual. The focus of the fantasy is on the surrender of control.

The owner is in charge of training the pet, and they need to feed and take care of them. The human-pet can make mistakes and behave as any animal would. As a result, being naughty often leads to punishments.

It is a fun exchange of power, and there are many types of play, including pup play, acting like a kitten or cat, pony play, and many others involving various animals.

BDSM gears to use for pet play

If you are looking to get into BDSM pet play, there is a high chance you’ll need to find the appropriate gear. Here, we will talk about the most popular sex toys for these power exchange relationships.

Tail butt plugs

The first thing on the list are tail plugs. These toys have a similar design to standard butt plugs, and they can be made of any material. However, the most popular one is metal. The only difference compared to the standard models is that, at one end of the toy, on its base, there is a fluffy animal tail.

You can find different types of tails based on your animal role. The most common versions are fox tails, dog, cat, raccoon, pony, wolf, and others. You can also find fantasy tails at the Lovegasm shop that aren’t based on a realistic animal, which is perfect for those looking for something different.

Choosing the right color, texture, material, fluffiness, length, and other qualities is completely up to you. If you are not a fan of real fur, you can still find excellent faux fur models that will have a similar feel without going against your beliefs.

Animal Fetish Masks

If you want to take it a step further, you can always go for an animal fetish mask. These add an extra level of control, and the design often screams BDSM. As with other models, you can find masks based on specific animals, and each comes in several different options.

Some masks are made of latex and are designed to cover an entire face. The person wearing it will still have a hole for eyes and breathing, but the rest of the mask will have ears, nose, and look like a specific animal.

Of course, you don’t need to go as far as getting yourself a latex mask. There are simpler models that have a muzzle and ears only, and you will have more freedom wearing them.

BDSM Collars

Collars are an important part of domination and submission. They represent commitment, trust, and dedication. In some parts of the community, having a collar can be equal to wearing a wedding ring. There are many different types of collars you can find, and they are an excellent choice for animal play as well.

Commonly, collars are made of leather, and they have a ring at the bottom if the couple wants to use a leash. The most common use for collars is puppy play since dogs wear collars, and it makes the fantasy more realistic. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t use it for kitten play or any other form of pet play.

BDSM Whips/Floggers

At some point, pet players will try to push boundaries. They will become naughty or start behaving badly, and this means only one thing — they deserve punishment. Are there better sex toys for punishing your partner than whips and floggers? It is a perfect “weapon” of choice, and they give a sense of authority.

If your partner is not listening to your commands, or they make a mess in your room, you can use whips and floggers to punish them. Spanking is always fun during play scenes, and it is something both you and your partner will enjoy.

BDSM Mittens

The next item on the list is mittens. These can be an excellent choice for role-playing since they add another exciting bit to the costume. These mittens have several uses aside from adding to the look of the pet.

Firstly, they often come with rings or straps that can be used to tie them to the belt or collar. This way, the pet will have to stay in the same position, and their movements will be restricted.

There are so many things that a person can do with their fingers, and wearing mittens will prevent them from doing these things. They also add to the character, and they can be so much fun. Needless to say, you can find different types based on your character that will fit with the rest of the gear perfectly.

Other Gear

Naturally, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The BDSM community keeps growing, and more people are interested in trying these toys themselves. The list of toys you can use in your sex life or pet play is endless.

This doesn’t mean you should buy all of them. You can go as far as you want. For some, getting fluffy mittens and a cat ears headband is more than enough, and that’s perfectly fine. You can find different animal dildos if you want to try them out, or you can go for a full pet costume. There are also bit gags that the person can wear between their teeth, and they’re often designed to look like a bone. Needless to say, this is a perfect choice for those interested in puppy play.

Each of these models serves a purpose, so be sure to find something that will suit your needs.