Who should use anal vibrators?

The fact of using a vibrator or dildo has represented a taboo for many women who see masturbation as something strange or even unthinkable. However, over the years, new and innovative ‘models’ of vibrators that represent a ‘warm’ intimacy company have begun to market.

These devices that provide a ‘hand’ to enjoy a little more self-stimulation are not necessarily synonymous with loneliness, since it is believed that women who use vibrators are single who do not have a partner that can accompany them in the sexual field.

On the contrary, little by little different models have been created that allow a woman to enjoy her intimacy even if she has a partner, since a moment alone can be useful as a method of relaxation the fact of giving a touch of ‘self-love’ , and some couples with more confidence can use it in the middle of sexual intercourse.

What is an anal vibrator?

An anal vibrator is nothing more than a sex toy or complement specifically designed to be introduced into the anus, so that it does not cause damage or that the user has to “force it”. As an extra point, in addition to its design, it contains an internal vibration module to stimulate the area much more.

The differences between a common vibrator (for the anus and vagina) and one that is designed for the anus are quite punctual. In fact, at first glance you can notice them, and it doesn’t require much expertise or knowledge in sex toys. Here we are going to name a couple of them, so that you decide better to acquire your first anal vibrator.

Firstly, its shape , this one is of thin tip and near the area of ​​grip (where it is held) tends to be thicker. Said thickness can reach up to 4 centimeters and its length can be up to 20 centimeters. Additionally, its tip is oval in the vast majority of cases to facilitate its use in the anus.

What materials can it be made of and what size does it usually have?

Anal vibrators are very varied in terms of the materials used in their manufacture. The user can choose between hardness or softness, this being quite subjective and to his liking. There are latex, plastic, glass or metal (the latter is a material not recommended for beginners). Remember, in any case you should always use a good lubricant.

As mentioned before, its size can vary with a thickness of up to 4 centimeters , but there are thinner models, for inexperienced users. As the main function of the anal vibrator is to dilate the anus little by little, there are models with smaller thicknesses, with mostly rounded tips.

There are different sizes, textures, colors, vibration modes and even movements that allow these sexual partners to have become an optimal toy to put aside taboos, experience and enjoy a more satisfying intimate moment.

Improves communication with the body. Having one of these ‘friends’ as a company allows for a better knowledge of the intimate areas of the body, a situation necessary to have a basic sexual and body education of self-recognition that represents better care of the body itself.

Useful for novice people. People with little knowledge and experience in the sexual field can turn to these toys to gradually test the sensations, the experience and have the ability to decide what they enjoy and what they do not enjoy using and varying the multiple stimulation options of the vibrators, between clitoral, vaginal and anal.

It does not depend on another person. Masturbating with a vibrator is an autonomous decision, its operation and performance depends only on who has it in hand and, therefore, can be used at the time you want, not at the time that the other person also wants as in the case of a sexual relationship.

Safety and hygiene These sex toys require special cleaning and care and are a guarantee to avoid a sexually transmitted disease, since the use is responsible and not shared with someone else outside the trusted sexual circle.

Renew partner trust. Even though it happens to be assumed to be more ordinary in single people, some couples may include this ‘companion’ as a third aid that allows them to innovate in terms of privacy by playing and helping to give pleasure to the other person.

Some sexuality experts believe that using a vibrator or dildo can help some people to improve self-esteem and feel sexier and more open in the sexual field. In the commercial options of these toys, there are prices ranging from around fifteen dollars to some that exceed one thousand.

How do you use an anal vibrator?

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Anal vibrators are used the same for a man as for a woman. It is important a previous stimulation of the anus so that when the object is introduced there is no tear or pain. It is also essential to prepare the area: wash and even put a wash so as not to find ourselves in an eschatological situation. After stimulating and gradually expanding the anus, the vibrator is introduced (always use one with a stop) with the help of a lubricant. The ideal is to go without hurry. The anal sex is very pleasurable long as you know to do well. Otherwise, the experience makes you take fear for life and do not want to talk about it again.

The volume of groans in sex is not proportional to the pleasure of orgasm nide sexual intercourse. The screams usually occur more in women than in men and, in some cases, are used to fake an orgasm. Don’t give it so many laps. The change of couple also brings a change in sex. Enjoy and learn from each one of them.

Usage tips for women

These tips will help you a lot, especially at the time of your “first time” with this type of sex toy, so take note and apply them.

First, the dilation of the anus is very different from that of the vagina, since the orifice of this area does not produce lubrication and the nerve termination must be stimulated very carefully to avoid damage. Thus, when you buy your first anal vibrator, start with just the “tip”, making small circular movements at the entrance of the anus.

Another very useful tip is that you get a good lubricant, since as we have mentioned throughout this guide, it is essential for a good and pleasant penetration. Additionally, start with the “small”, the simple, and the least sophisticated products so you know which one suits your needs.