Why you should learn and enjoy baking erotic cakes

Some say that the fastest way to a partner’s heart is through their mouth. Nope! Not in that way, silly. By making great food, everyone can up their hookup chances. But aren’t we bored with cooking all kinds of pasta and making smash burgers? It seems like there are not many recipes left to promote on YouTube cooking channels.


But that’s where you’re wrong. Have you heard about erotic cakes? Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Pastry in kinky shapes is what we’re on about here. Vaginas and penises; boobs and assess — people across the globe are learning to bake exotic cakes. In the following text, we’ll explain why you should try this. So, let’s go!

It Generates Ideas From Your Imagination

Like we’ve said, erotic cakes come in all shapes and styles. Moreover, they come with all kinds of motives. Some kinksters who bake them enjoy making cakes that resemble gargantuan penises, while others are more subtle and only slightly decorate their pastry. Either way, one thing is certain — all of them allow their imagination to run wild.


It’s not enough just to be kinky to make an erotic cake. You need to expand your horizons and imagine a bit. If you’re baking this type of cake for your partner, think hard about what they enjoy about your sex life so much. Once you decide, try to figure out how you can incorporate that into baking by adding colors and motifs.

Baking Erotic Cakes Teaches You Patience

Cakes of any style and any color require a set of skills. However, to acquire them, you need time and practice. This means that if you don’t have patience in you, you’ll probably never end up being a top erotic cook. No worries, though — patience is a virtue that you can also work on, and it’s best to do so by learning a new skill like baking exotic stuff.


It’s one thing to mix cakes, vaginas, and candy. Yet, it’s something else entirely to blend those three into something presentable, and most importantly, edible. So to level up and go that far, you’ll need some time. Hence, by learning to bake, you’ll learn patience that you can use in all other aspects of life — from private to professional.

You Become Keen to Details

Let’s face it. Erotic cakes are hard to make. Well, any cake with details is tricky to bake, let alone ones with sugary penises and horny brides and grooms. But that’s still a good thing if you think about it. How so, you might ask? Well, while baking such complicated cakes, you’ll learn to focus on details.


No matter what you’re doing, details are important. For example, if you’re a business person, you’ll want details on opposing parties that you’re doing jobs with. Without them, your money and project will go to waste. The same goes for baking. Either way, becoming keen on details by baking will translate into anything else you’re doing in life.

You Enjoy the Process More

Another major pro of learning this skill is learning how to enjoy a process. Simply put, you can’t bake an erotic cake with decorations in half an hour. It’s nothing like making frozen pizza you’ve just bought at the corner shop. This is a lengthy process, but a good one. While doing it, you’ll learn to enjoy the moment.


For some, baking erotic cakes are a great couple activity. Forget about playing cards or completing a puzzle. Those are for normies. Baking is where it’s all at. The two of you, kinky ideas, ingredients, and a whole afternoon. What more could you want?


But that’s not all. Regardless of what the outcome ends up looking like, you’ll feel real satisfaction. It’s because you’ll have managed to pull off something. And not just something — a unique cake, full of sexy ornaments, and taste slices.

You Focus on Achieving the Goal

Having goals is of the essence, despite your mental or physical state. But if you’re feeling under the weather for quite some time, we fully recommend finding a hobby to take your mind off the issues that trouble you. A great option to do so is to learn how to bake. When you do that, you can move further and learn all there is to know about erotic baking.


It’s rare for people to find out all the things they’re good at during their lifetime. Some, unfortunately, never realize that they could have made it big in some industry. So, why not take a chance and start your baking journey. You might find out that erotic cakes with shlongs and boobs coming out of their glaze are your thing.

Erotic Cakes Spark Up Desire for Sex

Lastly, let’s mention what erotic cakes are all about — sex. It’s no secret that many relationships and marriages are falling apart these days. Despite many problems, there’s one that’s common for 99% of all breakups — bad sex or no sex at all. So, how do you mend that issue? Well, it’s not that hard. Check this out.


The finest solution to reviving your sex life is to spice things up. You can do it by role-playing, including fetishes or even sex toys. No matter how you go about it, you can always add erotic cakes to the mix. Combined with new ideas like doing it in the kitchen, you’ll clearly state your intentions to your lover/partner. Think about it as it might change your life.